Monday Night Raw 22 October 2018 Highlights

Monday Night Raw  22 October 2018 Highlights Roman Reigns Relinquished the Universal Championship after Revealing his battle with Leukemia In the first segment of Raw roman reigns enter in the ring to announce that he has living with leukemia for 11 years and the diseases retruns and force him to Relinquished the Universal Championship and […]

Smack Down Live 9th October 2018 Highlights

Smack Down Live 9th October 2018 Highlights World Heavy Weight Championship AJ  Style VS Shelton Benjamin World Heavy Weight Title  Shelton Benjamin appeared  to held match against Aj Style . the bell ring and the benjamin go fpr hit a splash but Aj move out and save him .  Aj Style locked shelton in the […]

WWE Monday Night Raw October 8th 2018 Highlights

WWE  Monday Night Raw  October 8th 2018 Highlights The Global Battle Royale  The Bell Rings and 9 guy surrounded the baron carbon . They try to eliminate the baron carbon but carbon kick all of them back . Carbon then eliminated two of them . While gold body suit man sit outside the ring there […]


WWE  SUPER SHOW DOWN  6th OCTOBER 2018 HIGHLIGHTS The Shield VS Braun Strowman ,Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mycintyre  The shield came and cover the ring from both sides the shield attacked on the  Braun Strowman ,Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mycintyre  and cleared the ring from them the monster among man charged towards the dean ambrose […]

Monday Night Raw 1st October 2018 Highlights

Monday Night Raw1st October 2018 Highlights Dean Ambrose VS Braun Strowman Baron Carbon give ambrose some oppurtunity Carbon force the Ambrose that to pick his opponent out of Rollins for IC title,Roman Reigns for the Universal Title or Braun Strowman .Dean picked the Monster among man and the match kicked off straight away. The largest […]

Smack Down Live | 25 Sep 2018

Smack Down Live| 25 Sep 2018  United State Championship Shinsuke Nakamura VS Tye Dillinger United State Championship Tye Dillinger started match with a series of strike and running in the ring for super kick but Nakamura caught him with super kick  Nakamura is already in Kinshasa but Dillinger beat Nakamura with frog splash but randy […]

Monday Night Raw | 24 Sep 2018

Monday Night Raw   | 24 Sep 2018 The Shield VS Baron Carbon and AOB The Shield came and baron carbon show that he come with AOP tag team the match started braun strowman ,dolph and drew come with steel chairs to watch the match AOP with great courage but shield is the best roman reigns […]

WWE Super Show Down Match 2018

 WWE Super Show Down  Match 2018  World Heavy Weight Championship AJ Styles VS Samoa Joe On The World Heavy Weight Title There is no disqualification , not count out ,there must be a winner table ladder and chair will have been used by both super star The Shield VS Braun Strowman , Dolph Ziggler , […]

Crown Jewel 2018

Crown Jewel 2018 Universal Championship Match Triple threat match between roman reigns ,braun strowman and brock lesnar on universal title  during hell in a cell brock lesnar interfere and beat roman reigns and braun strowman with steel chair and give S5 to roman reigns so wwe has decided to held a match in Crown Jewel Roman Reigns vs […]

Smack Down Live|18 Sep 2018

Smack Down Live |18 Sep 2018  United State Championship Shinsuke  Nakamura VS Rusev Day On The United State Title Shinsuke with in great courage beaat the rusev  but rusev kicked on the nakamura face nakamura run for the kinshasa but rusev change it into the super kick nakamura pinfall rusev with a roll and won […]