Google Maps introduced another great feature, solved a big problem

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New York (Monitoring Desk) Google Maps is an application that has made people’s lives easier. Now people go to strange places without asking anyone for an address.

Not only that, but this application also tells you about the traffic along the way so that you can take a better route and save your time. Now the application has taken this service to the next level and another very useful feature has been added to it. According to India Times, in this feature you will find traffic signal lights (red, yellow and green) on the routes which will tell you about the flow of traffic.

According to the report, with this new feature, not only will Google Maps tell you more accurately about ‘ETA’, but also if the ETA is getting longer than you expect, you will be told about an alternative route. Will also tell you how to get there in less time. This feature is currently on an experimental level and is available in many users’ phones, but will soon be introduced to the general public.

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