This book about mushrooms can also be cooked and “eaten”

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London: The book in the picture is about fungi, which have mushrooms in their subtypes. But the special thing is that the mushrooms growing on this book are eating this book little by little. And if your heart desires, you can also pick mushrooms from this book and eat them.

The author of the book is Marilyn Sheldrick, a scientist and molecular expert from the United Kingdom. In this book, written for the general reader, Sheldrick highlights the importance of molds in human life and explains what types of molds we are benefiting from. One of them is called “mushroom”.

To increase the book’s popularity, Schildreich came up with a unique idea: after moistening a cover of a book, he planted mushrooms on it that were not only edible but also grew relatively fast. Are

Using moisture and book paper as food, the mushrooms became visible around the book within a few days, after which Sheldrake began promoting the book online through videos and photos. The synthesis was successful and the strange looking book attracted millions of internet users.

The advantage of this interesting strategy is that this book has been included in the world’s best-selling scientific books even in such a bad situation.

The mushrooms finish the whole book in just 7 days by “licking” after which the mushrooms can be cooked and eaten.

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