The Russian government dug a trench around the village affected by Corona

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ISKO: Fearing the Corona virus in Russia, a trench has been dug around an entire village and the population has been forcibly confined to a quarantine.

The local and Russian governments themselves have suggested that the epidemic may have been triggered by a festival called shaman. In these rituals people communicate with spirits and non-terrestrial creatures and perhaps the people of Sholota village have been involved in this ritual.

The village is 30 kilometers from the famous Siberian Lake Bekal, where only 390 people live. At first, 37 people contracted corona here and then another 95 people from outside the village became infected with corona, after which the fear of the epidemic spread rapidly in other areas.

The village nazim said that on June 10, the shaman ceremony was held at the home of a woman who was affected by Corona herself and included many people from the surrounding villages. Fed up with successive Corona incidents, a deep trench was dug around the village on June 29 to protect tourists from the plague.

Some patients in the village insisted they had no signs of corona and still believe they have not contracted code 19. Similarly, an elderly man first contracted corona and later died of paralysis.

The trench is now guarded by Russian guards and locals, where only those bringing food and medicine are allowed to pass. However, the only road leading to the village has not been closed.

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