Temporary ban on pub, announcement of legal action against Waqar Zaka

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Social activist and well-known host Waqar Zaka has decided to take legal action against the temporary ban on the pub.

According to details, Waqar Zaka has announced that he will take legal action against the temporary ban imposed by the government on Pub G.
Waqar Zaka said that he would file a petition in the Sindh High Court tomorrow against the ban on pubs.
He further said that ban on pubs was wanted by those who do not want development of Pakistan in e-sports and this is another campaign to destroy Pakistan’s e-commerce as they do not want revenue to come to Pakistan from all over the world. ۔
Ban on PubG Game in Pakistan It should be noted that according to a statement issued by the spokesperson of PTA earlier, the service of PubG Game was temporarily suspended in Pakistan while consultations are underway regarding PubG Game that the game How much to ban or to ban completely and the final decision will be made after consultation.
Two children had committed suicide in Lahore when they were not allowed to play in the Pub G game, while the heirs had approached the Lahore High Court.
IG police had also sent a letter to PTA regarding closure of PubG game.
The decision to ban PubG should be remembered that the thief who was intoxicated by the online game PubG had embraced death.
Parents forbade their son from playing online games. A young man named Zakaria lost his temper and hung himself from a fan.
DIG Operations Lahore Ashfaq Khan said that PubG game is becoming more dangerous and digital addiction than ice, suicide of 2 youths in four days is a tragic incident.
The Lahore police had decided to write a letter to the PTA and FIA banning the game.

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