Samsung will no longer provide chargers with phones, but why? Details also emerged

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Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Like the American company Apple, the Korean company Samsung has also started considering cutting off the supply of chargers with new smartphones with the aim of reducing the cost.

According to the details, a Korean website ET News in its report has indicated the possibility that Samsung will not have a charger with some of the smartphone models coming in 2021.

Remember that Apple is already working on the idea of ​​not providing chargers with its iPhones and many analysts in the world of technology claim that chargers will not be provided in the twelfth series of iPhones.

According to various reports, Apple will sell a 20-watt faster charger separately in the market and it is said that the idea behind Apple and Samsung is to reduce the cost of the phone as well as “e-waste (electronic waste)”. I also have to reduce because as the use of technology in the world is increasing, so is the waste of electronic goods, which is causing environmental and health problems.

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