From swimming pools to ceilings and windows to toilets, the world’s first ‘gold’ hotel

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Everything from the swimming pool to the roof and windows to the toilet is covered with gold. It took eleven years to build this hotel. Pictures of this unique and magnificent hotel in the world!

This 25-storey hotel has been built in Hanoi, Vietnam over a period of 11 years.

The hotel was inaugurated on July 3. It is owned by the Hauben Group of Vietnam but managed by a US company.

Luxury has been given a new color in this hotel. More than a ton of gold has been used in the construction of this five star hotel.

178 million euros have been spent on the construction of this luxury hotel. Used gold costs 50 million euros.

Even the hotel’s bathtub and toilet are covered with gold leaf. That is why it is being called the world’s unique and magnificent hotel.

The hotel has 400 rooms and the rent for one room per night is about 220 euros.

The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool made of 24-carat gold, with a view of Hanoi from a height.

It is the first hotel in the world to have a gold-plated floor in front of it.

According to the administration, this hotel in Vietnam has the potential to become a favorite destination of international tourists after the Corona epidemic.

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