This actress is diabetic! 5 Who are the famous Indian actors who have dangerous diseases?

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If we look at the glittering industry of Bollywood, it seems as if this industry is full of joys and the people here have no grief of any kind but it does not happen.

There are many Bollywood actors who are fighting dangerous diseases or have fought in the past.

1) Rajni Kanth

Rajinikanth is a superstar of Bollywood industry but did you know that he has a serious lung disease. This disease is called emesis. The patient vomits with a cough and also gets mucus of the first color.

2) Aliana de Cruz

Another famous Bollywood actress Aliana de Cruz is suffering from a dangerous disease. They have a body dysmorphic disorder that affects the mind. In this disease, the human mind goes to the flaws found in it. Eliana’s illness has largely been cured.

3) Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood’s King Khan Shah Rukh Khan has also suffered from severe depression which causes pain in his body. King Khan never let his fans know about it.

4) Sonam Kapoor

Who will be unfamiliar with Sonam Kapoor? This beautiful smiling actress is also battling a disease like diabetes. He had been suffering from this disease since he was a teenager but due to good diet plan he has been able to control his sugar to a great extent.

5) Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone has repeatedly told in her interviews how severe her depression was. Actresses fight this disease bravely. However, he is now completely free of depression.

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