Samsung accidentally released photos of its next Note series mobile phone?

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Seoul (Monitoring Desk) – Samsung has mistakenly posted pictures of a new model of its ‘Note series’ on its website. According to Mail Online, the model is called the “Galaxy Note 20 Ultra”. Not even released yet. These images were posted on the Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese versions of the website. In these pictures, this phone is shown in ‘Mystic Bronze’ color.

These photos show that the phone has telephoto lenses. The rear camera has three lenses, the lower one being different from the upper two lenses. It is unknown at this time what type of lens will be used in this phone. Information leaked in May this year revealed that the Note 20 and Note 20 Plus have 6.7 and 6.9 inch displays, respectively, and the RAM has also been upgraded. Samsung traditionally introduces new devices in August, so it is expected that these Note 20 models will also be introduced in August.

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