Two Pakistanis arrested for robbing a bank in US

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Lahore: Two Pakistanis who robbed a bank in the United States were arrested from Lahore.

The FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing has arrested two Pakistani nationals on charges of robbing a bank in the United States. According to FIA Director Abdul Rab, two suspects who robbed a bank in the United States have been caught red handed during an incident in Lahore.

According to the FIA ​​director, 31-year-old Waqar Ghman was a truck driver in New York who along with Mohsin Zameer carried out an armed robbery in a New York bank. The accused had come to Pakistan after the incident in the United States. Mohsin Zameer had issued a federal arrest warrant in New York and a ڈالر 30,000 reward was set for his arrest.

The FIA ​​director also said that 35-year-old Mohsin Zameer is an IT specialist by profession while both the accused have been caught forging in a bank in Lahore.

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