Soon you will be able to tweet in your own voice

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SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter is making major changes to its platform and is now considering recording and posting tweets in your own voice. In this regard, this facility has been provided to a few iOS users around the world and soon all users of Android phones will be able to take advantage of this facility.

Twitter has made the offer after Club House, an app that was previously popular and only offered by invitation. Clubhouse users can go to chat rooms and post recordings of their voices. But this process will open a new chapter of hate speech and criticism of others because it is more difficult to identify and block negative conversation than words.

When the same question was asked from Twitter, the company replied that various monitoring systems are being set up to identify voice tweets, while complaints about such tweets will also be reviewed immediately. But no one else will be able to send an audio file in response to voice tweets.
In the first step, you will only be able to tweet a 140-second conversation and save a copy. At the same time, a whole series of threads will open on it. According to Twitter, he wants to bring tweets closer to human hearing so that people can hear each other’s voices.

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