Scarlett Johnson’s film ‘Black Widow’ will be released in November

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New York: Marvel Studios’ movie ‘Black Voodoo’, which has been delayed due to corona virus, will be released in November.

The role of ‘Black Voodoo’ in the film will be played by the well-known Hollywood actress Scarlett Johnson, who has previously played the same role in several films of the Marvel series.

Scarlett Johnson has previously played Black Voodoo in Marvel Studios’ Avengers series, Captain America and Iron Man.

Black Voodoo is a comic-fiction character based on a Russian spy woman, first introduced in a 1964 book.

The film will tell the story of Natasha Roman’s character, how she started her career as a spy and how she became part of the Avengers world.

Fans have expressed happiness over the news of the film’s release on social media.

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