The world’s largest telescope made in China will start searching for space creatures from September

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China will soon help find extraterrestrial creatures. The Chinese media outlet Science and Technology Daily reports that China’s 500-meter aperture spherical telescope Fast (FAST) or Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope will begin searching for space creatures in September. Therefore, the use of this telescope will start from January.
The diameter of the fast is 500 meters or 1640 feet.
On the receiver it can focus at any time for a section of 300 meters or 984 feet. It is the largest telescope of its kind in the world.

The telescope discovered two new pulsars in 2017. The pulse is the source of intense pulse radio waves in space, which is thought to be the center of a ruptured orbiting star. Fast was declared fully operational in January 2020 after three years of testing.
Chief scientist Zhang Tongji stressed that the search for FAST would not affect general science missions. Zhang said radio signals usually come from the pulse. If a space creature also sends a single into space, it will be much easier to receive this single with the help of Fast.

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