Dubai: The world’s first climate control street where it will rain all year round

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Dubai: The world’s first climate control street will be built in the United Arab Emirates state of Dubai where it will rain all year round.

According to the report, the street will be set up in the heart of Europe, a covered area of ​​Dubai, as part of a project to promote tourism in Dubai.

The Heart of Europe project will take place on a peninsular site called The World Islands, a few kilometers off the coast of Dubai.

It is said that this street will be one kilometer long. Raining Street will receive rain when temperatures exceed 27 degrees.

Keep in mind that automatic machines have been installed at Dubai Airport for the safety of passengers during the journey from where gloves, masks and sanitizers can be obtained.

The automatic machines are installed at Terminals 2 and 3 of the entrances, where a face mask and a pair of gloves are available for 6 dirhams. Passengers can get a sanitizer for 9 dirhams from the machines themselves and two types of sanitizers are available.

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