An American woman accidentally discovered a diamond in the sand

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Arkansas: You may have heard the saying that there is a pearl in the sand, but an American woman really found a precious diamond in the sand.

Beatrice Watkins, 56, arrives at Crater of Diamond State Park in Arkansas with her daughter and granddaughter. It was only half an hour after Watkins arrived that he accidentally found the largest diamond discovered in the area this year.

It should be noted that this park covers an area of ​​37 and a half acres. The area is spread over an extinct volcanic land where diamonds were also found. It was opened to the public in 1972 and 33,000 diamonds have been discovered since then.
Watkins said she was flipping through the sand in the center of the park to find the diamonds when she saw something glowing, which she picked up and put in her pocket. She later moved to Sistan with her daughter and granddaughter, where she tried to find out from Google what was the shiny item she found. Shortly afterwards, he contacted the Park’s Diamond Discovery Center, and staff confirmed that they had found a two-carat brown diamond.

“It’s an incredible discovery for me,” Watkins said. I will always keep it safe with me. The largest diamond discovered in the park last year was 3.29 carats, but the Watkins diamond is the most valuable diamond ever discovered in Arkansas Diamond Park this year.

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