The woman, who had been mute for two months, now began to speak in four dialects

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Yorkshire: A woman in Britain has been unable to speak for two months after suffering from a mental illness. But suddenly her speech is back but now she speaks in four different dialects.

Doctors themselves are shocked by the condition of 31-year-old Emily Egan. According to experts, this was due to a temporary stroke or brain injury, but no evidence was found. What’s more, his accent and manner of speaking began to change radically.

For two months, Emily spoke through computer apps and other mechanical methods. However, some experts have described him as suffering from a rare disease which is also called ‘foreign accent syndrome’ or foreign accent disease, but this condition has been found in only one hundred people so far.
Emily found it difficult to speak slowly and her tongue began to wobble, and then she became completely silent. Then when the voice came back, his accent was like that of a foreigner, to which people also ridiculed him for racism because sometimes his accent was Italian and sometimes his accent was Spanish or French.

After that, it has become difficult for them to continue working. It should be noted that this condition first appeared in 1907 and so far it has been discovered in only 100 patients. This condition affects the part of the brain where speech is controlled.

In January 2020, he first felt a severe headache and his voice became heavy. After that, he was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with paralysis and was treated immediately, but the situation worsened in the hospital, where his voice stopped. ۔

Then her voice returned and she began to speak in an Eastern European dialect. Then Poland, then Russia, and Italian began to speak. They still have a foreign accent.

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