Indian music company removes Atif Aslam’s song from YouTube

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Leading Indian music production company T-Series removed Atif Aslam’s song from YouTube channel after protests on social media.
Following the start of the hashtag trend on social networking site Twitter in India, the T-series has removed the version of Atif Aslam’s song Sona Sona from its YouTube channel.
“We will not release or promote any Pakistani artist’s song in the future,” T-Series said in a statement.
“We condemn our mistake and apologize for it. We assure you that we will not release or promote the song on any of the T-Series platforms.” Removing this song from your YouTube channel.
The T-series further said that it was brought to our notice that the said song was sung by Atif Aslam on our YouTube channel. The song was posted on the T-Series YouTube channel by one of our promotion team employees. He was unaware of his actions and made a mistake while uploading the song, for which he apologizes.

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