The three brothers cut themselves off from the spider to become Spider-Man

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Bolivia: Three brothers cut themselves with a dangerous spider after being affected by the movie Spider-Man. Although he did not become Spider-Man, he had to go to the hospital immediately.

The incident took place in a rural area of ​​Bolivia, where he repeatedly touched a black voodoo spider to bite it, and the three were bitten by the spider until they became infected. All three children are shepherds but want to be Spider-Man themselves.

The Marvel-loving children are ten, twelve and eight years old. According to the Bolivian Ministry of Health, he was with his goats in the Cayanta area when he saw a Black Voodoo Spider and decided to become a Spider-Man. To provoke the spider, they repeatedly teased it with a stick.
After being bitten by a spider, their pain became unbearable and all three started crying. His mother rushed him to a nearby hospital, where he was taken to a large hospital in La Paz. At that time, the children started having fever, body aches and tremors.

A week later, the children recovered and were released from the hospital. It should be noted that black voodoo spider is poisonous and its bite causes a lot of pain but it is not fatal.

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