Mosquitoes are not found in this Chinese town!

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Beijing: There are only a few areas in the world where mosquitoes are not found. But Ding Wooling, a small Chinese town, has the unique privilege of not having mosquitoes at all, even though it is surrounded by dense trees, ponds and small lakes.

According to this calculation, there should have been an abundance of mosquitoes throughout the year, especially in summer and rainy season, but not a single mosquito has been seen here for the last several decades.

why like this? No one knows. However, the locals believe that they worship a frog-shaped stone in their town, which keeps the area mosquito-free. So far no scientific research has been done to find out the rationale for not having mosquitoes here.

The town of Ding Wooling is part of the Chinese province of Fujian and is located 700 meters above sea level in the middle of dense forests, ponds and lakes, where the Haka, a minority tribe, build spacious and beautiful stone houses. I have a historical reputation.

Until a few years ago, the town was famous for the same houses and other buildings built of stone, but today the reason for its fame is the mysterious absence of mosquitoes that has puzzled the world.

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