Indian businessman builds his ‘White House’ on top of a skyscraper

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BANGALORE: India’s richest man has built a penthouse just like the White House on top of a high-rise building that is luxurious and luxurious in every way.

Vijay Malia is one of the richest men in India who heads the United Breweries Group. Ten years ago, he decided to build a magnificent building like the White House on the roof of the Kingfisher Tower, a skyscraper in Bangalore, and this has now become a reality.

On the 33rd and 34th floors of Kingfisher Tower, this magnificent White House-like palace is named after the Sky Mansion. The 40,000-square-meter palace has a bar, indoor heated swimming pool, large swimming pool outside, a gymnasium, a saloon, a magnificent multi-bedroom house and a helipad on top.

However, Vijay Mallya had built the building while living in the UK and was accused of taking large sums of money from banks and other institutions and not returning them. Meanwhile, the Indian government tried to arrest him from the UK and so far they have not seen a glimpse of this magnificent White House.

Now some quarters are claiming that the government will return the money to the competent banks after holding the Desi White House in its custody and auctioning it off. On the other hand, the exterior of the White House has been completed, while the interior has been renovated. So far, کروڑ 20 million has been spent on it.

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