This important masterpiece of painting is affecting the breath of the people

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Oslo: If you are not interested in painting, you must have seen a masterpiece of painting called ‘Scream’ or ‘Scream’. The painting is now deeply ingrained in the breath of thousands of people who come to see it.

The painting was created by Edward Monk in 1910 and is housed in the Monk Museum in Oslo. But according to critics of the painting, the painting is rapidly losing its beauty and its colors are fading. Earlier, it was said that artificial light was affecting him. But now it is known that people’s humidity and other types of chemicals have become enemies of this painting.

The United States, Belgium, Italy and Brazil have jointly launched the study to evaluate the painting. He noticed that the sun was setting in the background and the yellow color of the screaming character’s neck was slowly turning white and fading.
Details are published in Science Advances. It states that Edward Monk unintentionally used the yellow color of cadmium. This color becomes lighter in moisture and if the moisture is less than required, it starts peeling off.

University of Antwerp scientist Quinn Jensen said thousands of people see the painting every day and the moisture in their breath and chlorides are destroying the cream. According to the scientists, Monk did not buy very expensive paints and at that time the painting paints were substandard. But experts have concluded that Edward did not use these colors on purpose.

This year, the painting will be installed at the Oslo Opera House. It should be noted that this painting was stolen on August 22, 2004 which was recovered by the police in 2006 and during this period this great masterpiece was severely damaged.

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