Japanese YouTuber known for cooking on computer CPU

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Tokyo: YouTube makers are trying their best to popularize their online channels. Fortunately, Pakistani YouTubers have a “subscribe” writ or do not shy away from abusing their videos to make them “viral”, but Japanese YouTubers have come up with a different way: Start making cooking videos on hot CPU.

The channel’s name is also in Japanese, but Google Translate indicates that it is a “semurai channel”, while looking at the URL suggests that it was created by a user named “My Nightmare”. By the way, most of the informational videos (in Japanese) about cars, computers and other similar things are shared on this channel, but whenever they upload a cooking video to the CPU, they More seen

It can be seen on their channel that in one video they are frying eggs on CPU while in another they are busy melting meat. The idea of ​​using the CPU as a stove is really unique and noteworthy.

Let the reader know that the “Central Processing Unit” (CPU) is called the computer brain, the most important part of which is the microprocessor. The microprocessor gets very hot while working and a part called “heat sink” is fitted to it to get the heat out.

This part absorbs the heat from the microprocessor on one side and emits it outside. In the heat of the moment, YouTubers take on the task of cooking and increasing the views of their videos

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