World record for drinking one liter of pure lemon juice in 17 seconds

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Idaho: An American man set a new record for drinking a liter of pure lemon juice in just 17 seconds.

According to the American media, this record of an American citizen is an interesting achievement. It was not lemon water but pure lemon juice which is difficult to drink anyway. In this way, citizen David Rush turned sour taste into sweet deed.

The other important thing is that instead of taking a sip, they transferred all the lemon juice from a straw to the stomach. David Rush also works to raise awareness of science, math and technology in children, and he continues to test his temper on world records. So far, he has broken 100 records, large and small.

Earlier, Andrey Artolov had consumed a liter of lemon juice in 17 seconds, but David set the record by emptying his glass a few milliseconds ago. That is, he has set a new record of 16 seconds and 53 milliseconds

David said that before the final competition, he had not practiced drinking lemon juice, but had tried himself twice by drinking a liter of water. Repeatedly he wondered if it would not upset his stomach or whether his body would be able to withstand such an experience. But David did not give up and decided to try himself.

After drinking pure lemon juice, his stomach and digestive system were affected for many days, but now he is better. His throat was also sore for a day.

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