Where there are crocodiles in every house

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While the Nile River, which flows across the continent of Africa, has a unique reputation as one of the longest rivers in the world, it is Egypt’s economic and cultural backbone. Materials for the construction of the pyramids of Egypt were loaded onto boats from the vast expanse of the Nile. Due to the expansion and drought of the Great Desert in 4000 BC, the Egyptian archaeologists who migrated to the Nile became the home of this great civilization, which is still found along the banks of the Nile today.

It travels 6,695 kilometers and irrigates hundreds of villages before falling into the Mediterranean. One of the reasons why the Nile River is famous worldwide is the crocodiles found in its blue waters which have been a part of this river for thousands of years. There is also a village on the banks of the Nile, with traditional blue and white domed houses that amaze people because there are fish in every house. There are even embalmed crocodiles on the doorstep of every house. The village of Garb Sohail is located across the river on the other side of Aswan Dam. There are two ways to reach this village by land or by water (river). If the bus route is used to reach Garb Sohail, you will find the “Crocodile House” engraved on the outside of the building and also the embalmed or painted crocodile.

The village is actually the center of Nubian civilization, which makes people of different colors and races unique from modern Egypt. It is a cultural tradition for Nubians to have fish inside and outside their homes, and interestingly, it is not only necessary to keep the fish or embalmed but hanging the fish on the doors, but the older it is, the better for the family. Will be proud
At home, however, fish farming is considered a sign of courage and bravery. Not only this, with the help of fish hunting, preserving their carcasses and hanging them on the doors, many other meanings are added. It is also considered a sign of protection from the evil eye, an increase in the homeowner’s courage and ability to drive other crocodiles away from the house. There are not only crocodiles that are used to decorate houses, but also large mountain crows are killed and their bodies are hung on the roof to keep other large crows and birds away. One of the reasons for this is that mountain crows, chickens, chicken eggs, pigeons are harmed. Nubians hunt scorpions and hang them on walls to serve as a warning to other scorpions in their homes.

But one of the reasons for raising fish at home is that they are a source of income. Now this is surprising. How can anyone make money by raising these dangerous fish? So the residents of this village called Garb Sohail earn money through the tourists who come there for whom the culture of the people living in the houses but the fish and the villagers are the reason for the attraction. Tourists spend most of their time there asking people questions about their culture and keeping a large number of them at home, but in addition to knowing the fish, they are interested in taking pictures with them in their hands.
They charge money to provide details to tourists, and this is a major source of income for the people of Garb Sohail. People have built terrariums for fish in their homes and when they get too big they are left in the forested part of the Nile on the north side of Aswan Dam because in the southern part it is illegal to let go of the fish. Is.

To keep crocodiles safe in the river and to protect themselves from danger, people tie cloth tightly around their jaws. And the other cloth wraps around their tails and bodies because the tail of the big fish is so strong that it can cause anyone to fall. They are then loaded onto trucks and taken to the Nile. Once there, the clothes wrapped around them are carefully untied and left in the water. Usually during this process, however, the fish do not attack because the idea of ​​a free life is in front of them in the form of the blue water of the river.

People who entertain tourists usually keep fish eggs in their homes, from which they raise their young by feeding them. From house to house there are historical places and even in boats but fish heads can be found. Now even behind it but there is a devotion attached to fish or not it cannot be said with certainty. Crocodiles are seen everywhere here. One of the reasons for this is the importance given to crocodiles in the history of Egypt, especially in the culture of the Nubian tribe, which has become a form of devotion. For thousands of years, however, fish have been considered a symbol of courage in ancient kingdoms. The crocodile also had a profound effect on the fine arts in ancient Egyptian civilization. 4,000 four thousand years ago Christ Ihram Egypt engraved on the skara “subak” but the image of the god of fish, whose head but the fish and human torso. It is engraved on the pillar of a temple in the Egyptian town of Kuma Obo, built by the Pharaohs between 47 BC and 180 BC.

The temple has magnificent pictures of fish and embalmed carcasses, but no one is allowed to take pictures there. Crocodiles were given importance in Egyptian culture as well as in agriculture, as evidenced by the fact that they are displayed in the Cairo Agricultural Museum, but can be found by looking at the fish.

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