The supermarket wasted Rs 5 million worth of food after the woman deliberately coughed

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Pennsylvania: A woman coughing at a large supermarket in the United States, the administration lost 35 35,000 worth of food worth more than 5 million Pakistani rupees.

Joe Fessola, owner of Gerriti Superstore in Pennsylvania, said a woman took turns coughing up fresh foods, bakery products and then meat, destroying large quantities of food that cost thousands of dollars.

The woman is said to have been harassing people in her neighborhood. According to the store, the woman did this deliberately in jest, but according to the management, she has no choice but to throw away all the suspicious items.
The management of the supermarket has said that they are sure that the woman will not be infected with the corona virus but this process has been done as a precaution. Fifteen employees took part in the dumping.
The incident took place in Hanover, where police officers have registered a case against the woman for “consciously contaminating food and meat”. The woman’s mental health has also been assessed since then.

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