The smallest restaurant in the world where only one person can sit

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STOCKHOLM: One person is running away from another in the wake of the Corona epidemic around the world. But now the world’s smallest restaurant has opened in Sweden with an open space with a chair and a table.

The restaurant is called Bord för En, meaning “table for one person.” The restaurant, located 360 km from the Swedish capital, Stockholm, in the Wireland area, will open on May 10 in the midst of natural vegetation and will continue to run experimentally until August 1.

The restaurant will serve three dishes at a time, but it will not bring any waiters as social distance has been taken care of. That is why food will be brought through a basket with a rope tied to the wheel and no restaurant staff will be present in front of the customer.

This is because there is no emphasis on lockdown in Sweden, but conscious people themselves are ensuring caution and distance. However, if this interesting restaurant is successful, others will follow suit.

According to the Swedish government, the lockdown could have a negative impact on people and that is why strict conditions have not been imposed.

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