Make ‘solitary confinement’ work

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New Delhi: Time is precious and it is available to the lucky ones. The problems that are happening due to locking and imprisonment are in place. Talking about them is not a useful process. The wise man is the one who seizes the opportunity and takes advantage of it. I come to work without preamble.

Since lockdown is not a normal holiday, don’t plan for it like a holiday, don’t organize family events or socialize with more people. In this time of lockdown, limit yourself to your family, your carelessness can endanger your life and the lives of your family members, because precaution is better than cure. In the meantime, exercise to keep fit and set your whole day’s schedule, don’t let yourself get bored and exercise indoors, as well as healthy for your family and yourself. Find activities that will make you and your family have a great time.

Those who do not have this in their routine can incorporate it into their lives. While online YouTube has the entire Qur’an recorded in the voice of many happy reciters, there are also lectures on its nuances. With this you can correct your tajweed as well as memorize many surahs and supplications etc. There is also a good amount of commentary material and statements of various scholars are available, which you can use as you see fit. Similarly, there is an abundant collection of translations and commentaries of the Qur’an, in which there are all kinds of commentaries in almost every language that you can see, hear and read. The same can be said with reference to the hadith.
At this point you can also start reading books of your choice. There are millions, if not exaggerated, billions of books on the Internet for this. You can download the book of your choice and enjoy it. Some people may get bored while reading, so they can download and listen to the audiobook. There are many websites on the internet where there are audiobooks.

If you want the benefit of others, your voice, pronunciation, language is correct, you can also select a good book as an honorary award and upload it in the form of an audio book to YouTube or related websites. ۔ Similarly, you can put some good books online for public interest by typing, you can also scan and put some things on the internet. If you are interested in podcasts and don’t want to hear anything, you can use websites like School of Gratitude, Good Life Project, Tony Robbins, The Ferris Show, Mind Valley, BBC.

If you are an expert in something and you have access to the internet, you can read and teach people online. If you want to learn on your own, there are many websites where you can do short courses online, for example one is EDX, which has lectures and short stories by the best scholars on various topics from around the world. There are short courses, if you have good English, it is a great online platform to learn, where thousands of courses are waiting for you. Similarly, there is a treasure trove in the online education platform III launched by the Indian government, much of which can be achieved.

In this regard, Khan Academy is also a great place on YouTube. Some friends of Pakistan have translated many scientific articles into Urdu, so those who want to know something in Urdu on science and other new topics, They can learn a lot from here. In this regard, you can also benefit from websites such as Corsira, UDMI, FutureLearn, CodeCadmi, Yudacity, MIT, Harvard, UC Brackley.

You can also write a diary if you wish, anyway these are the days that will be remembered in history because of this difficulty. Similarly, you can write stories, articles, features, if you know many languages, you can transfer content from one language to another, you can also translate a good book. Similarly, if you are interested in learning languages, you can find friends online and talk to them in that language, teach them your language. Coincidentally, the whole world has a chance at the moment, so you can take advantage of it.

If you are interested in cooking, you can practice making separate dishes, however, there may be a shortage of food these days, so it would be better to limit this activity.

Many friends keep asking about English, there are many channels on YouTube to learn English, such as BBC Learning English, Voice of America Learning English. There is a lot for other people who want to learn Arabic. Amir Sohail’s lessons are very useful for learning Quranic Arabic. If anyone wants, he can develop a special ability to understand Quran in one or two months.

If you are interested in movies then this is the best time to see some good things. It is better to see some good things than to make your mind sick by watching epidemiological news and sad things at the WhatsApp University. For this, if you are interested in documentaries, then Al Jazeera and BBC have made many excellent documentaries. You can watch them, whatever you are interested in.

Similarly, if you want to go to the cinema, there are many movies that you can learn from watching, but remember, just as not all books are worth reading, so are not all movies worth watching. Therefore, it is better that you first look at the comments written on this film or consult an expert and watch accordingly. You can also watch some good serials, but personally I suggest that it is better to watch movies than to watch long serials. One of the great benefits of this is that you will be able to enjoy the natural scenery and get more information in less time. This is not the case in serials, then the downside of serials or dramas is that most of them are shooting. There is indoor, there is also outdoor but less.

The Internet has paved the way for us to travel the world. Now you can travel around the world without stepping out of your bed. In this regard, you should thank tourist bloggers who share with you different places, cultures, food, personal experiences and many other interesting things. What better way to gather adventure and information than to hear about what has been there, what you have seen, what you have seen and experienced, sitting at home and benefiting from their experiences. Lift up Similarly, if you are interested in culture and history, you can visit the Virtual Museum, where many museums and galleries from around the world are available for a virtual tour, you can spend hours in these places sitting comfortably in your home. can.

If you don’t get a chance to talk and meet friends, relatives, well-wishers on a normal day, call them and talk for a long time, explain to them what you have read and written, one day sit at home and plan that Distant relatives around the world will also be called, their status will be inquired, if you need some good advice, give advice, if nothing else, just say two sweet words, even if it is WhatsApp, Skype. Whether it’s using face time, it’s important to stay in touch. Staying in touch with your social network, especially those closest to you and those who care about you, can be a key thing. When you share love, you will get love, when you do good deeds, you will be rewarded well.

If you want to make money online from home, there are many websites and ways to do it, you can find many such things through YouTube and other platforms.

If you don’t want to do any of these, you can also enjoy the quiet serenity and relaxed atmosphere, this is a great opportunity to listen and meditate for a while away from the noisy wine. The whole world is practically at a standstill. Close your eyes for a moment and try to hear the sounds around you, how the sound of a bird comes, how the leaves rustle, how silence also has its own sound.

These are the situations where everyone is worried, every hundred and one wonders are spread out, there are sobbing voices, but on such an occasion one has to work with courage, these occasions are trials, Allah Almighty is different. He tests His servants in a different way. Do you know if this is a test for all of us? At this point we do not need to suffer much fear and suffering. We should turn to Allah with all precautionary measures. One should weep, one should murmur, one should prostrate before Him, O God! You are the Most Merciful, You are the Most Gracious, there is no helper except You, in this hour of trouble you are the only support, so do not put us in trouble, we are not even capable of standing up to your test, so you are from us. Do not take the test and avoid this trouble with your grace.

In all these situations the deep shadows of fear and the darkness of despair will test your courage, but as an obedient and submissive servant, be patient, do not let the hopes go out, remember that we are the people. Is a memorial to those who performed acts of worship even in the shadow of storms, hurricanes and troubles. Rejoice, live, live in the name of Allah.

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