Smack Down Live 9th October 2018 Highlights

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Smack Down Live
9th October 2018 Highlights

World Heavy Weight Championship
AJ  Style VS Shelton Benjamin World Heavy Weight Title 
Shelton Benjamin appeared  to held match against Aj Style . the bell ring and the benjamin go fpr hit a splash but Aj move out and save him .  Aj Style locked shelton in the Calf Crusher but the shelton escaped him from Aj . in the last segment of match Aj style hit a Phenomenal  Forearms to the shelton and pin him and won the match Aj style still World Heavy Weight Champion
Winner ” Aj Styles and defeated Shelton Benjamin “
Smack Down Women Championship
Becky Lynch VS Charlotte Flair on the Smack Down Women Title
The bell ring Smack Down Women Championship kicked off match started . becky lynch took controlearly in the match with super kick but flair hit back and suplex out side the ring in the last segment of the match the both women superstar stayed outside the ring then referee count 10 . the match was disqualify after DQ the flair hit a spear to the becky in the Led board Becky lynch still Smack Down Women Champion 

Winner” Becky Lynch still champion by DQ “

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