WWE Monday Night Raw October 8th 2018 Highlights

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WWE  Monday Night Raw 
October 8th 2018 Highlights

The Global Battle Royale 
The Bell Rings and 9 guy surrounded the baron carbon . They try to eliminate the baron carbon but carbon kick all of them back . Carbon then eliminated two of them . While gold body suit man sit outside the ring there is no reason . Baron Carbon delivered some punches and eliminate them one by one . then a superstar try throw carbon outside but carbon clear him . He thinks that he won the match and celebrate on the top of the rope but the referee was not ring the bell because the gold suit man the Conquistador  has not eliminated
the Conquistador enter in the ring  the gold suit man suddenly connect carbon with German  Suplexes , an Angle slam and eliminated the carbon and the Conquistador won the match 
Winner . The Conquistador
After winning the match he celebrate and dancing in the ring then he leave his mask and reveal himself he one and only Kurt Angle ! Carbon cannot believe it and the fans shout ” You Suck ” Kurt Angle going in the wwe world cup . Kurt Angle joins John Cena in the World Cup
The Shield  VS Braun Strowman , Dolph Ziggler , Drew Mycintyre 
The shield music start and shield come from the crowed .The bell rings and Seth Rollins start match against drew mycintyre . Seth tag the dean and they give double suplexe and drew kicked out . drew give tag to monster he give splash to dean in the corner . dean tag the roman then monster forced the roman in the corner but roman connect with uppercut and give Samoan drops braun kicked out . Barun give tag to the ziggler . dolph and drew give suplexe but seth and dean save roman and clear ring from drew and dolph and stand against the monster . the braun get outside the ring . seth and dolph tag in seth give trunbuckle powerbomb and hit roll up but he kicked out . roman hit super man punch . seth and dean  hit stereo suicide dives on the drew and dolph 
 Drew mycintyre tag in outside the ring roman try to hit super man punch but monster hit him in the ring post dean tryto hit suicide dive but caught by the braun strowman then dean give DDt to the monster on the floor and the roman give spear to monster dean go in the ring  seth cleared dolph from ring but drew hit Claymore kick and count three and won the match
Winner . Braun Strowman , Dolph Ziggler , Drew Mycintyre and defeated the shield 

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