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The Shield VS Braun Strowman ,Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mycintyre 
The shield came and cover the ring from both sides the shield attacked on the  Braun Strowman ,Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mycintyre  and cleared the ring from them the monster among man charged towards the dean ambrose to demolishing him but save him and give the spear to the Braun Strowman .  dean ambrose  re-entered in the ring and rollins cover him from the drew . roman reigns intended super man punch for drew but it hit the dean . monster among man go on the top of rope to give splash to rollins but save him from the 
 Braun Strowman. dean ambrose give dirty deeds to the dolph ziggler and pin him and shield won the match and defeated the Braun Strowman ,Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mycintyre
The shield won the match and defeated the Braun Strowman ,Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mycintyre

Triple H  VS  Undertaker  Last Time Ever Match
HBK was also joined triple h and kane undertaker brother joined them the large part of match is controlled by the undertaker . He give triple h  Chokeslam and tombstone piledriver  but triple h kick out undertaker use steel chair to beat the triple h and wrapped his head into the chair but shawn micheal interfere but undertaker punched on the HBK face  and triple h connect undertaker in the pedigree and pin him but he kicked out Triple H placed the chair undertaker”s neck and hit a knee on it . the game went to the pin right off  but Kane slid the referee out of the ring before three count  shawn micheal give sledgehammer to his friend . Triple h quickly used  on undertaker”s head but dead man locked the triple h in the hell:s gate with no referee triple h control once more HBK also use sledgehammer to out kane  but undertaker cleared him from the top rope Triple h connect undertaker in a pedigree  Triple h pin and won the match
the firework gone off then real fire work start the brother of destruction unloaded them the undertaker give  tombstone piledriver to the triple h and kane give chokeslame to the shawn micheal  
Triple “H won the match and defeated the undertaker
World Heavy Weight Championship

No Disqualification , No Count Out . There Must Be A Winner
The early stage of match saw that joe hit super kick in the starting joe hit punch on the champion face  both superstar little bit everything unloading each other joe hit a onslaught that chuck the style on the announce table and hit dive that sent style into the barricades aj kick on the joe chest but joe get angry  and put him out and hit a splash on the aj and hit suplex in the barricades joe  tried to taking match to the next level when he bought a steel chair to hit style”s but aj change the temperature of  the contest by dropkicking  on the steel chair on the challenger”s face . Then aj used the chair to his advantage he punishing joe with chair but joe attack on the aj with yuringai onto the seat of the chair  then joe bought table into the ring  but aj get slam joe on the table  aj hit a large number of kick on the joe”s knee the challenger feel amount of pain joe try to locking in the calf crusher and 450 splash which targeted specially for the injured joint at last aj managed joe in the calf crusher  joe fended pain for as long as he could finally he had tap out AJ Style won the match and defeated samao joe and still World Heavy Weight Champion
 AJ Style won the match and defeated Samao Joe and Still World Heavy Weight Champion
Smack Down Women”s Championship 

Charlotte Flair hit another spear and locking lynch in the Figure Eight leg lock it show that if flair was more seconds he become the new Smack Down Women”s Champion but lynch was able to grab his title and hit it on the face of  the Charlotte Flair when she locking in the lock then referee call for the disqualification due to this charlotte won the match but not championship he get furious and attack on the lynch but the champion control her and delivering bexploder  and still Smack Down Women”s Champion

The Match Disqualify and Becky Lynch Still Smack Down Women”s Champion

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