Monday Night Raw 1st October 2018 Highlights

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Monday Night Raw
1st October 2018 Highlights

Dean Ambrose VS Braun Strowman
Baron Carbon give ambrose some oppurtunity Carbon force the Ambrose that to pick his opponent out of Rollins for IC title,Roman Reigns for the Universal Title or Braun Strowman .Dean picked the Monster among man and the match kicked off straight away.
The largest part of match control by the Monster caught ambrose with submisson give ddt  Dean headlock the monster but monster among man threw him just away in the end Roman Reigns interfered and hit a superman punch to disqualify the match 
After the disqualification of match Roman attemped another superman punch but was blocked
Seth Rollin came and flying jump from the top of rope on the Braun Strowman . Dean and Rollins cleared the ring from the monster . Braun Strowman was joined by Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mycintyre 
Baron Carbon came out and told that he is the manager he announced that Roman Reigns VS Dolph Ziggler 
Seth Rollin VS Drew Mycintyre 
Universal Championship 

Roman Reigns VS Dolph Ziggler
Roman Reigns match is not title roman landed first strike but ziggler kicked out  ziggler attacked on the roman outside the ring and hit big moves  After forth action moves included superkick and superman punch then roman give spear to pick up the won
Shawn Micheal Live 
later in the end of raw segment Shawn Micheal came and he talked about the Triple H match againts the Undertaker in the Super Show Down . 
Kane music started and big red monster standing behind the micheal  he hit the micheal and Undertaker also joined them
The Brother of destruction started to hit the micheal . Triple H came to safe the micheal but he took a chokeslam  from the taker and micheal took a chokeslam from the kane Triple H got up again but the Undertaker to deliver tombstone piledriver  to triple h to end the match 

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