Smack Down Live | 25 Sep 2018

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Smack Down Live
| 25 Sep 2018

 United State Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura VS Tye Dillinger United State Championship
Tye Dillinger started match with a series of strike and running in the ring for super kick but Nakamura caught him with super kick  Nakamura is already in Kinshasa but Dillinger beat Nakamura with frog splash but randy ortan interfered and attacked on dillinger and slamming him on the table and Nakamura hit a Kinshasa to the Dillinger and walked out from the ring
 Shinsuke Nakamura Still United State Champion


Becky Lynch VS Lana 
Becky Lynch started match the lana slapped Becky and took her down but champion kicked out easily Becky hit a huge kick to the head of the lana but it was not to enough  Becky climbed from the top and lock him and lana tap out 
Becky Lynch won the match

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