Hell in a cell 2018 Result and Champion

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Hell in a cell  2018 
Result and Champion

 The New Day Vs Rusev Day and English On The Smack Down Tag Team Championship
new day come and welcomed the rusev and english match started then new day beat the rusev new day gives all the things which he have rusev locked the big e then he kick the english  new day gives kicks and referee count 3 then new day defend his tag team title and won the match
New Day Still and New Tag Team Champions 
Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mycintyre VS Seth Rollin and Dean Ambrose On The Raw Tag Team title
dolph ziggler started match kick the seth drew call the dean for fighting dolph do zic zac but seth do double
suplex but when seth time drew kick the seth and doplh pin and dolph ziggler drew mycintyre won the match and still raw tag team champion
Dolph  ziggler and Drew mycintyre Still Raw Tag Team Champion
Randy Ortan vs Jeff  hardy the qualification match
randy ortan beat the jeff hardy with ladder randy put hardy on the ladder punishing him with belt steel chair
randy ortan destroy the ear lobe of the hardy with screw gauge and jeff hardy do the sucide move make back flip from the cage and rany pin the hardy  randy win the match
Randy won from Jeff  Hardy

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch smack down women championship
charlotte flair play match with great courage but becky lynch play very well charlotte flair do many steps but the time is of the becky lynch the both superstar are very good charlotte do the sphere but becky lynch change it in pin and becky lynch won the match and the new sack down women champion
Becky lynch won the Smack Down women title

AJ Style VS Samao Joe on the world heavy weight title
style come and do the 4arms and the samao joe do the cluch lock the style had the power aj style do the style clash  the remove the pin joe hit many legs but no advantage joe do cluch  aj change it into pin and aj won the match and style still the wwe champion 
AJ Style still the wwe champion

The Miz and Maryse VS Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella 
miz and maryse play very well daniel and bella beat the miz but the maryse  are the sharp and do many tricks daniel do the sucide jump and daniel gives all the things which he have bella punch on the miz face maryse pin the brie bella won the match maryse and miz won
The Miz and Maryse won the match

Ronda Rousey Vs Alexa Bliss On The Raw women Championship
Ronda Rowsey come with his companien and the alexa bliss is over confidence  and give the ronda drawf kick ronda is angry change his face expression and locked the alexa bliss and he tap out ronda rowsey still and won the raw women title and defend his title 
Ronda Rowsey Still The raw Women Champion

Roman Reigns VS  Braun Strowman On The Universal Title With Mick Foley Referee
Roman and braun enter in the cell the match started roman give superman punch and sphere to the monster the drew mycintyre and dhoiph ziggler interfere the shield is also coming ziggler seth gone on the top of the cell drew also dean ambrose gone on the top with stick  seth and dolph fall from the cell on the table  OMG ! Brock Lesnar is also coming break the door of the cell and use chair to break the monster and the roman and he give S5 to the roman reigns then roman reigns become and still the universal champion
the match is disqualified
Roman Reigns Still the Universal Champion 

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