Ford Mustang Cobra Jet returns for its 50th anniversary

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The Ford pony is AN yank automobile factory-made by Ford. it absolutely was originally supported the platform of the second generation North yank Ford Falcon, a motorcar. 1st|the initial} 1962 Ford pony I runabout idea automobile had evolved into the 1963 pony II four-seater idea automobile that Ford accustomed pretest however the general public would take interest within the first production pony. The 1963 pony II idea automobile was designed with a variation of the assembly model’s front and rear ends with a roof that was a pair of.7 inches shorter. Introduced early April seventeen, 1964 (16 days when the town Barracuda), and so dubbed as a “1964½” by pony fans, the 1965 pony was the automaker’s most undefeated launch since the Model A. The pony has undergone many transformations to its current sixth generation.  by wiki

Ford does not quote a H.P. figure for the engine however says the racer can blast through the quarter-mile within the “mid-eight-second” vary at one hundred fifty miles per hour. would like some context on however fast that is? The Dodge contestant Demon — that may be a fully totally different animal, being a street automobile that you just might, if therefore inclined, drive to merchandiser Joe’s — set a production-car record once it ran the quarter-mile in nine.65 seconds.

The fiftieth day elapid Jet lists for $130,000, and Ford can sell simply sixty eight of them in honor of the original’s debut back in 1968. The order books ar open currently. by cnet

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