WWE Raw 30 july 2018 | Brock Lesnar refuses | After This Raw Brock Lesner attack Backstage.

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In the Raw 30 July 2018 Brock Lesnar refuses to look before the WWE Universe.Roman Reigns is prepared for a fight before SummerSlam, however The Beast Incarnate will not leave his non-public room.

After This Raw Brock Lesner attack Backstage. In case you uncomprehensible it, Raw closed with Brock wreaking mayhem on Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman. Rome tried to induce Associate in Nursing interview once Lesnar hit the backstage space, however it didn’t go well. The champ grabbed electro-acoustic transducer by throat and aforementioned, “I don’t have any thoughts and at SummerSlam I’m gonna kick Roman Reigns’ ass.” He then shoved the asker into a close-by case
Brock Lesnar sends a message to Roman Reigns prior SummerSlam. The Beast Incarnate’s rampage continues within the room space as he puts his hands on inquirer microphone Rome and addresses his SummerSlam opponent, Roman Reigns.

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