How to set Time Shutdown Computer | shutdown PC after Timing

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Hello Guys if you have a PC or laptop and you do work on you PC or Laptop till late night. You  Want to take time. As it is closed after 5 minutes. After 5 Minutes your PC or Laptop will Shutdown. You can set the time according to your preference. Just Follow Some Steps.

Step 1

Right Click on Desktop and go New and Chose Shortcut

Step 2
On the shortcut type in or copy and paste shutdown.exe -s -t XXX. Here,  XXX is the time that you want to set for your computer to shut dow

Note: The time must be in seconds. For example, if you want to set timer for 1 hour then you should enter 3600

Step 3
Click on Next and then it will ask you to name the shortcut file, here name the shortcut file as per your wish and then click on “Finish”

Now Shortcut file create on your desktop double click on file and timer will be start and your computer will shutdown after selected time

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