Share Your Screen to Your PC or Mac via a simple app

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Some People want see mobile thing like Game, Movie etc on his Computer or Mac Screen. Its very Simple. just Download a app and connect your Android Device and Computer or Mac same Wifi (Internet) and you can share android Screen on PC or Mac Screen. just Follow some Steps.

Step 1
First Download Stream Mirror app in you android device. Download Now
Step 2
Open the app and grant the permission to capture everything displayed on your Android screen. You can grant the permission by tapping on the Start Now button

Step 3
Slide the screen from left to right and then select the option of Web Browser. Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the same wifi network.

Step 4
Now you can  see a web address. You need to enter the URL in your web browser of your computer or Mac.
Now You will see Android Screen on PC or Mac.

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