How to install Android P on your Pixel

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How to install Android P on your Pixel :

If you do not wish to mess with unlocking your boot loader or the statement, you’ll get associate degree update to the golem P if you are a part of the golem Beta program. which means that if you’ve got one amongst the eligible devices, you’ll be able to merely visit the golem Beta portal and opt-in to the beta, which can then prompt Google to send your phone or pill associate degree over-the-air update. 
Head to golem Beta program portal on your component phone.
Sign into the Google account related to that phone.
Scroll all the way down to Your eligible devices.
Find the device you would like to enter within the Beta program and faucet choose in.
Follow the prompts to simply accept the over-the-air transfer.
Note: to depart the Beta program, merely faucet the choose button on the golem Beta Program page to unenroll. Your phone can receive associate degree over-the-air update to come to the most recent stable version of golem, however your phone are going to be cleaned upon rebooting, thus make a copy your stuff.
Which devices ar eligible for the golem Beta Program?
The preview is supported on the subsequent phones and tablets:
Pixel 2
Pixel 2 XL
Pixel XL
The following phones also are eligible to transfer the golem P Beta, however you will need to follow the individual install directions joined below:
Nokia seven and
OnePlus 6
Xiaomi Mi combine 2S
Essential PH‑1
Sony Xperia XZ2
OPPO R15 professional
Vivo X21

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