How to Safely hide your android Apps and files

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How to Safely hide your android Apps and files?

                       Every smart phone user has its own private data and information. Every user want to secure his data , information and apps from unexpected users. There are many apps and ways to secure data and apps.
Hide Apps:
If you only wish to cover, instead of secure, your apps, one in every of the best ways in which to try and do this is often by putting in a non-stock launcher (assuming your manufacturer hasn’t provided a native choice for activity apps). There square measure an entire heap to decide on from that permit you hide apps, however among the foremost well-liked on the Play Store is that the present star Launcher.
Lock your apps
OK, thus maybe you have hidden your apps victimisation the choices on top of however recognize inside that what you wish is security, not obfuscation. to prevent folks gap your apps the least bit, hidden or otherwise, you have got many third-party choices offered. you will likely need to undertake and couple to seek out one you wish most.
One of the foremost fashionable free choices on the Play Store to feature a lock to your apps is AppLock; it works for videos and pictures too, however we have additional suggestions to lock those things later.
As well as permitting you to lock apps and different things, it is also got a helpful feature that permits you to forestall the app being uninstalled. Once this Advanced Protection is activated, you will need to use the arcanum that you simply set to uninstall the app. you’ll be able to additionally disable the Advanced Protection after you do not ought to use it. 
One factor that is price keeping in mind is that there is another version referred to as ‘AppLock Fingerprint,’ although each apps currently support fingerprint unlocking. It additionally brings different choices, sort of a selfie exposure of anyone attempting to access your phone while not authorization and therefore the ability to lock your phone remotely. each supply paid in-app upgrades too.
Once put in, you only ought to scroll through an inventory of your put in apps and choose which of them you wish to safeguard. Then, whenever you open one among those apps, you will be asked for a arcanum or fingerprint to unlock them.

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