How to create windows bootable in USB | install window from USB

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Hi Friends Everybody today install window from USB. In this post you learn about about bootable USB. Also learn that how we create bootable. Its very Simple just Follow some Steps.

First you download windows iso file (XP , 7 , 8 , 10)  any windows What you want to make bootable

you can also download windows from torrent website

Download Rufus Software for create bootable windows

Download windows

Rufus Download Now 

After Download any Windows and Rusfus Software

Connect USB with laptop OR CPU

Open Rufus Software and click freeDOS Change with ISO Image

Change with ISO Image

After change ISO Image  Click on DISK and Select windows ISO File

After Select Windows Press Start  if your USB Size small and windows size is large you can see this error . Like your USB Size is 4 GB and windows Size is 4.16 GB

If Your USB Size is Big from Windows Size then good. you see this dialoge and click OK

And Now Click On Start

Now You can Create your windows Bootable easily

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