New Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch 2018

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New Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch 2018 :

          As we know there are many companies have launched their smart watches. All the companies have different style and types of watches. Samsung is the biggest smart phone brand all over the world. Now Samsung is going to launch his new best and boldest smart watch for his customers.

The Galaxy Watch may be Samsung’s best and boldest smartwatch. But why ?
It’s been a hot minute since Samsung discharged the Gear S3, and whereas the Gear Sport did a pleasant job at holding US over for a minute longer, it is time we have a tendency to get a correct sequel to 1 of 2016’s best smartwatches.

The rumor mill suggests that this year can see Samsung unleash the successor we’ve been craving for, however rather than a conventional Gear S4, reports area unit beginning that the new gizmo are known as the “Galaxy Watch” associate degreed use an OS Samsung hasn’t splashy with since 2014.

What is the Galaxy Watch and why must you care regarding it? Here’s everything you wish to know!

All the massive details:
Almost all of Samsung’s wearable product have used the company’s own Tizen OS, however with the Galaxy Watch, that might be dynamic .

Back in late might, it had been reportable that some Samsung workers had been seen sporting Gear watches running Google’s Wear OS (previously known as robot Wear). That rumor was place to rest a handful weeks later, then again on Gregorian calendar month half dozen, another adviser expressed that the Galaxy Watch can, in fact, use Wear OS rather than Tizen.

While which will appear to be a ball out of left field, this would not be extraordinary for Samsung. In 2014, one amongst the terribly initial robot Wear watches to come back out was the Samsung Gear Live.

However, on July 18, another report popped up claiming that Tizen can really be the OS of alternative — not Wear OS.

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