Only one click Setting your Android charging speed will double

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Hi Gus!
         I hope you all will be fine and happy. As we know that nowadays every person has android phones. In this world everyone needs Android or smart phones. Android is an operating system for mobile phones and it has many new versions.

I know Android is a best smart phone technology but there are many issues a user may face while using smart phones. Technology is improving day by day. In early days of smart phones battery timing was a significant issue . But day by day technology is improving so now we have many new smart phones in the market which have a long battery time.

As we know we keep using our smart phones whole day. It is necessary to charge smart phones and we want fast charging . To keep our phones in use we want fast charging of phones.

So Question is here how to charge smart phone fast?
       Answer is here : Here i am going to mention a setting if you will do you will get fast charging.
         When you Plug your Smart phone Just on Flight mode and then your mobile will charge very fast. Must try it and give us your feedback.

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