How to tekken 3 Challenge Between 2 Android Mobile

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Takken 3 challenge 1 android to 2 Android with  WiFi and hotspot connect. tekken 3 is popular game. its very simple just download 2 app. 1 Tekken 3 and 2 epsxe. you should install 2 apps In both the mobile phones. you can challenge with wifi and hotspot.

You can Download any one links

Step 1

You should install both apps In both the mobile phones

1 ) Tekken 3

2 ) epsxe

Step 2

turn on hotspot from one mobile
turn on wifi from second mobile

and conect both with wifi and hotspot

Step 3

open tekken 3 game in both mobile when start then close game

and open epsxe both mobile

and Select multiplayer’s 

 which mobile on hotspot select Server

which mobile on wifi select client

after this setting select game on server mobile

you can see ip address on hotspot (server mobile)

Put ip address on wifi (Client Mobile) and press ok

Now connected and play challenge  and Enjoy

See Video if you don’t understand 

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