Apple won’t use Intel’s 5G modems in future

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Apple won’t use Intel’s 5G modems Due to some problem 
Apple decision to not use intel’s 5G modem in a next-generation iPhone model. intel’s 5G modem combined 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radios together. Though the website says Apple’s decision to drop the Sunny Peak chip was due to “many factors,” one particular reason was the introduction of a new standard for WiGig, the 802.11ad Wi-Fi protocol that was first introduced in 2009.Sunny Peak is a 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth component designed by Intel for Apple’s future phone.

Now Apple won’t use Intel’s 5G modems in 2020 iphones models.

I have heard it A new speedy Wi-Fi standard called WiGig (802.11ad) Available in market “into any mobile product brings new and unanticipated challenges

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