Mobile can Damage your eyes | Attention

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I think you should not use mobile in the night. This can make your eyes worse. If you still want to use, you can do it on Brightness  0%.

Adjust your brightness. Having your screen too bright or too dark stresses your eyes out and may cause issues maintaining focus. To eliminate either issue in a couple of matter of seconds, merely go in your smartphone settings and modify your screen brightness therefore it’s concerning an equivalent because the lightweight level within the atmosphere around you. Wait — that’s unless you are within the blackness dark closed at your smartphone in bed, which, by the way, will result in sleep disorder and fewer sex

While scientists across the world ar still debating whether or not usage of cell phones leads to heart diseases, a replacement study dole out by scientists at Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) has disclosed that mobile phones additionally have an effect on eyes.
The scientists, WHO have studied the impact of magnetic force waves on human eye, say that usage of mobile may cause early cataract in lens excluding touching tissue layer, membrane and different ocular systems of the attention.

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