start and resume podcasts between your phone and the Google Home

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An update to however Google manages podcasts seems to be forthcoming, beginning with the flexibility to start out and resume podcasts between your Google Assistant devices. Now, if you start paying attention to a podcast on your phone, you’ll be able to pause and continue paying attention to the remainder on a Google Home simply by asking to play the podcast once more, and Assistant can recognize wherever you left off.

“The majority of individuals WHO hear podcasts do thus on Associate in Nursing iPhone. It’s truly thus flagrant that on a device-by-device basis, the typical iPhone listens to over 10 times additional podcasting than the typical automaton,” Reneau-Wedeen aforementioned. “Getting to the purpose wherever doubly as many of us ar paying attention to podcasts, most of them aren’t about to be those that listen already nowadays. […] It’s for the most part about to be new individuals, and we’re extremely excited concerning what opportunities it’ll produce if we are able to facilitate bring them into the fold.”

Currently, Google doesn’t have an avid podcast management app outside of Google Play Music; the sole thanks to work around this can be to use search results as a homepage cutoff. With Google I/O simply weeks away, it appears doubtless that Associate in Nursing app — either within the house app or on the Play Store — is afoot. Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Google Podcasts’ product manager, told Pacific Content that the podcast net app has had a “surprising” variety of users returning to the feature, a transparent pain purpose for plenty of automaton users. compared, Apple has had an avid podcast app for iOS since 2012, and Reneau-Wedeen is aware of Google has fallen behind during this area.

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