How To Download videos and Software for PC easy and fast

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How To Download videos and Software for PC easy and fast

Everyone want download videos and Software in PC or Mobile. Any type of videos, Movies, Software, and More thing Who you want. You can download in your Mobile or PC Very Easy and Simple. 2 Software are Popular for Downloading as you Know 

1) IDM (Internet Download Manager)

2) U Torrent

IDM (Internet Download Manager)
 IDM (Internet Download Manager) Is Best for Youtube Videos Download and more Small Size Videos, Movies and Software. IDM have Downloading Stop and Resume Option but Sometime we stop our Downloading with any problem and after sometime we want resume but IDM our file resume from start and sometime give error at 99.9%. So IDM is best for Small size file i think Less than 1GB.

U Torrent
 U Torrent Is Best For Download Big Size Movies and Software.Downloading Stop and Resume Option available in torrent with good performance.I downloaded 50GB File from it.You Download torrent file and Open automatically Download start in u torrent.Some website give us magnet link only click on magnet link and automatically Start Download.i use many time its Perfect for me. You Can Use and Comment Me.

You Can See in this pic


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