Green tea safe you from heart attack risk

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Green Tea is very best for health. Green tea safe you from heart attack risk

The health edges of tea leaf are wide promoted and it’s been known for a few time that EGCG will alter the structures of amyloid plaques related to Alzheimer’s malady,” aforementioned David dramatist, prof in chemistry at Lancaster University.

Another man of science Jeremy Pearson aforementioned, “Our bodies square measure superb at breaking down EGCG therefore swapping your cupper for tea leaf is unlikely to create a giant distinction with relation to your heart health. however by engineering the molecule slightly, we would be able to create new medicines to treat heart failure and stroke.

Our results show that this intriguing compound may additionally be effective against the kinds of plaques which might cause heart attacks and strokes

The team is currently performing on finding ways in which of introducing effective amounts of EGCG into the blood while not it being necessary to drink massive and doubtless harmful quantities of tea leaf.

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